Art 110 Class Review

At the beginning of the semester I was looking forward to seeing what I would learn from this class. I took it because I wanted a fun and easy class. When the class started, I found out that I was being pushed out of my comfort zone with having assignments that required me to talk to my classmates and artists. Professor Zucman also had has write a lot for this course and I found that to be helpful because it made me familiar with writing about art. I found this class fun and useful because Professor Zucman doesn’t have a typical point of view. I’m always amazed with how his brain works in terms of abstract thought and art. It’s so intriguing because he pushes the boundaries and he genuinely likes to talk to the students and provoke great questions. So, would I recommend this class to my friends and other students? Yes, I would. Art 110 isn’t just a “fun” class to take, It’s a class that pushes your boundaries with your social skills and mind. I really enjoyed the activities and the art shows. It was a great eye opener to the artistry world and it was very neat to see such diverse realms of art.


Week 15 Artist Conversation – Brittany Waters

I’m the type of guy who loves to decorate their space with original pieces ranging from pottery, pantings, woven pieces, and even furnitures. There was a section of pottery for display and actually for auction this week at the gallery this week.

When I walked in I saw a big variety of pottery displays. I saw pots, I saw dishes, I saw tea cups. I loved the pieces I saw. I wanted to buy them all and display them in my home. Sadly, they were a bit pricy and I don’t have that type of money, yet. I tend to lean more towards things that are simple yet are statement pieces. I was overjoyed to see all the different types of pottery work in that room.

As I stumbled around the room I finally got the change to talk to Brittany Waters. She was one of the many artist portraying her artwork. Her artwork in particular had many sea turtles in them. It was interesting and very detailed. I admire the hard work that must have been put into every one of her pieces. My favorite one in particular was the dish that seemed to portray oil spillage and the sea turtle being affected by it. I would have loved to take that home with me!

When I was speaking to Brittany I got to learn that she was a senior at CSULB. My friends and I asked her what got her into the art field. She said something that attributed to that was her dad drawing bunnies all the time when she was younger. How interesting how something like that would pave the path to an art major. We also asked her how long the process of finishing a project is. She said it ranges depending on what she’s making. She stated that for the jewelries she said those can take up to 15-30 minutes, which I found that quite quick. She also said she has molds for these jewelries which would explain why it would take that quickly. She said the dishes took longer and would take about 1-2 hours. But what would take the longest, she said, were the designs for these clay pieces. That made sense to me because of the thought behind making a design may come quickly or may take longer. She said she originally did a lot of frogs in her pieces but transitioned to sea turtles. She said she wasn’t sure why she did but she did share that she grew up in Sacramento where their wasn’t any ocean life nearby. So, when she moved to CSULB she started to see how her environment shaped her into making things with octopi, sea turtles, and animal life. She jokingly said she’d like to see what she’ll make if she ever moves to the desert.

Overall, I really enjoyed this exhibit because I love to see what I could potentially use to decorate my house with. There were so many variety of different displays that It made me feel like I was walking from house to house. It was awesome.

Here are some of the pictures I took of the Gallery.



Week 14 Instagram Activity

For the Instagram activity post we’re instructed to take at least 4 pictures throughout the day and hashtag it with #art110f16. After 24 hours of posting, we were to look over the pictures that were taken and analyze the images that were hashtagged #art110f16 by our cohort. Here are two pictures I took from Instagram.

The thing I love about Instagram is how it gives small insight to a person’s life. I love how we can stay connected to people we know and people we don’t know through the pictures they post. The pictures could show insight to their culture, their lifestyle, the food they eat, the clothes they wear, the environment they live in. So, from what I see from the collective pictures from out class is just that: variety of different lifestyles. It’s interesting how people use filters differently and some don’t use filters at all. Some like to put black and white pictures and some prefer color. The pictures as an individual represents that person but also the collective images they posted also represent their lifestyle. Its also interesting to me that whenever I see a picture that intrigues me it could influence me to actually go visit that site where the picture was taken or even try the food the person took a picture of. It’s awesome how they can expand our knowledge of the world through pictures. It makes the world seem less big in a way that we are connected but also makes the world seem so vast because of all the places I have yet to see and experience.

Week 14 Classmate conversation – Adriana

For this classmate conversation I got to talk to Adriana with one “n”. She was specific about how to spell her name. She is a biology major taking this class for the same reason: to meet the 12 unit full time student requirement and also for fun.

So, the question of the week was what do we think school would be like in 2030?

Interestingly, both Adriana and I had the same view. We both expressed how we didn’t want it to be overrun by technology. For example, we didn’t want schools to require students to use IPads like how some schools do now. We both oppose the idea of having only online classes to take in the future. We both also expressed that we essentially don’t want technology to overrun schools because it’s very important for people to go into classrooms and interact with one another. It was fun talking to her. We are both finished with our undergrad after this semester. I applauded her for taking on microbiology as a major. It just sounds awful to me. I know I would never get through that. She’s actually going to be my leader for this final held at the SOA building. Hopefully we’ll become better friends aftewards. IMG_8862.JPG

Week 11 – Artist Conversation – Josh Vasquez

Every time I go to the art gallery I always get surprised on how there is always an artist who excites me with their work. And this week it was Josh Vasquez.

When I entered the gallery I was not greeted by the artist in the room. Instead, I was ignored. Completely ignored. He was just sketching and doing some art work. I knew he was ignoring us as if we weren’t in existence. That was the whole point of his art work. It was funny because my friend Marrissa didn’t know going into the gallery that he would be cutting off from our reality, so she said “hi, are you the artist?”and he completely acted as if she wasn’t there nor did he hear her. It was awesome.

Josh Vasquez first invites people to question what “meaning of life”is and “why are we here”and “what is our purpose?” Josh mentioned that we, the people, are similar to Sisyphus from Greek Mythology. Sisyphus was tasked to push a boulder up a mountain over and over again to only see it roll back down for the rest of his life. Josh says he wants to use his body to represent how he can break away from our search in the meaning of life.

When analyzing his work, I knew it was more about what it symbolized as to what it actually looked like. I loved how when I entered the room the atmosphere of the room felt different. My senses and body felt and knew it was off by the way the artist was acting. He didn’t acknowledge us. He didn’t even look up to say hi or shake hands. He was in his own world. He was not fixated with what was around him, he was focused on his own work. I thought it was beautiful to experience that… It evokes an uncomfortable feeling that I want to understand.

Overall, I’d say I had a great experience with Josh Vasquez. He makes me want to go to more of these types of art shows. Where the person and the atmosphere is the art. Not the painting or drawing itself. Plus, the feeling that is evoked is part of the show. I love how the crowd is part of the show when they aren’t aware of it. Bravo to him.

Week 11 – Classmate Conversation – Jessica Obrique

For this week’s classmate conversation I got to talk to Jessica Obrique.

The topic was regarding fan art and our opinions on it. We also talked about a Demi Lovato fan drawing a fan art of Demi in a form of a mermaid and how Demi didn’t respond how people expected her to

Anyway, my thoughts on the matter is that I really enjoy fan art. There are so many talented artists out there who can only portray their art through fan art because they aren’t “big”or famous. So, fan art is a way to bring together a community to a certain topic. Fan arts can take forms in anime, movies, cartoons, actors, etc. etc. I do agree with the way Demi Lovato reacted to the fan art of herself. She simply just stated her opinion and I find nothing wrong with that. People should freely respond to an art however they please. Just because I like the picture of her doesn’t mean she has to like it the way I do.

Jessica thought similarly as well. She said she thinks fan art is a great way to show appreciation to a subject. She thought Demi acted a bit harshly but she says she understands why Demi reacted the way she did – because it didn’t necessarily portray her body the way it really is. She said she also understands how body types should be represented and unaltered.


Week 10 – Fiber Art Social Network

I forgot to take a picture of the Fiber Art Social Network activity but I did partake in it. Here is the picture I chose to display for the project.

  1. I do think the term “Social Network”applies to my real life and real physical friends as oppose to online  people I know. I feel as though the people I meet give me more value in connections to new opportunities such as work.
  2. Dunbar’s number does somewhat make sense. For me, I can only have so many close and intimate relationships. My Facebook only has about 100 friends and I think that’s a bit too much.
  3. It doesn’t mean much at all to me if someone has 1000 friends. I prefer to only keep in touch with people and let people in my life if they having meaning to me. I don’t care for generic friendships.
  4. Nothing surprised me really, I’m just glad I got ot make friends.
  5. I’d prefer to have about 5 personal friends in my life. and 5 is the amount I currently have. My family doesn’t count, I’m only considering the friends I consider “family”and my partner.
  6. The friends on my Facebook are my real friends in my real life. I only like to expose my life and myself to people I already know and am currently friends with. I don’t see any purpose on keeping Facebook relationships with someone I don’t know.