Art Project

Since I’m juggling school, internship, and work, the only time I had available to do this project was this Sunday afternoon. I was fortunate enough to have a friend tag along with me to hang out at the beach while I did the project. As we got to the beach, I scoped around for a suited spot to do the project. I knew I needed to use sand that was wet enough so it could make my mold stay. I attempted with a spot quite near the water… Which was a bad judgement call because the waves came too close to my plaster within 15 minutes after pouring it out. So I had to quickly pick up my plaster and move it away from the water so it could dry properly. Sadly, while I was moving my plaster, my mold broke. So here are a couple of pictures of my sad attempt on making a mold of my hand. IMG_7978.JPGIMG_7984.JPG


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