Wk2 – Classmate Conversation – Marissa

For this week’s class topic I got to talk to Marrissa about whether or not she believes art is important in today’s world. It seemed that we both had similar thoughts about why it was important. It was expected since it is an art class that we both chose to attend to. I would assume most students appreciate art in some way or another.

For Marrissa, art is an expression that people use to communicate with each other. She believes that people have different perception of art which creates different ways of communicating. She stated that she plays an instrument, a form of art, to relieve stress. She believes that art is a way of connecting people of all ages. She brought up Instagram and how it connects people because one post of a picture could connect people from all over the world. She also had an interesting view about how if you join together stem fields and art, that we’ll create something new and different.





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