Wk 2 – Landscapes with a corpse

IMG_8061.JPGFor this project, I chose to do something simple as it reflects my thoughts on death. Death is something I think about often and it is something that definitely scares me. Simply put, I don’t want to die. I enjoy living, I enjoy tasting food, I enjoy the feeling of hot water as I shower, I love the war embrace I get from my mother. There are so much to enjoy in life, even heart breaks and sadness is something I treasure. I treasure both sad and happy moments because it is the proof that you are alive and living. Once you’re dead you aren’t going to feel anything. You’re just blank (arguable).

So, I chose this picture because I want to die a simple death. I want to die in my sleep. I want to die not knowing I’m dying. Maybe as I get older I’ll come to accept death, but right now I feel like I am nowhere near ready to give up my life because I have more to explore and accomplish. But death doesn’t work that way, it comes by surprise and may take anyone at any moment.


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