Wk3 – Art show – Alvaro

For this week I got the treat to go to the art show that was presented on our campus at CSULB. I went together with the class and the objective was to observe the art and write about the art of my choosing while incorporating the conversation between the artist and me.

As I was walking around I was actually most intrigued by the first artist I went to. His name was Alvaro and his work of art was titled A Response To Classical Music. What I saw was a canvas covered in paint. It didn’t seem to have any particular shape or form It just looked like a literal mess of paints. Aside from the canvas on the floor, there was a video on display on how the canvas came to be that formation of random paints. The video portrayed the artist, what seemed to be like dancing, on the canvas while listening to classical music. I didn’t quite get it, but I did enjoy watching him create the canvas while listening to classical music.

In his summary of the art project he stated that it wasn’t it’s not an emotional response nor is it a dance performance to the classical music he was listening to. That got me thinking, what did the painting really portray then? The piece was Beethoven Overture. He stated in his summary that the different movements of his were his response to the changes in classical music. He also stated that the movements he made in the video are part of the sculpture aspect of his art.

I found Alvaro to be my favorite artist out of the ones I saw there. Reason being is because I found his art to be the most unconventional and most artistic in terms of abstract art. Plus the fact that classical music was a part of his art. I play the violin and I have a natural attraction towards classical music. I am pleased that I was exposed to so many artist that day because art shows a genuine and raw side to a person. I applaud all the artist who showed their work that night. IMG_8089.JPG


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