Week 4 – Extra credit – The Matrix

The Matrix is a movie that came out in 1999. I was only 7 years old when I watched it but It has left an ever lasting impression on me and has shaped my life in ways I couldn’t imagine. The movie at first seemed like a great breakthrough for special effects for movies but it represents the controversial views on philosophy and religion. The Matrix, at least to me, represented how virtual reality could be reality. Keanu Reaves played Neo. Neo is put into an alternate reality where he was given a choice to understand the matrix completely or to be reborn and live his old life in the “real” world. Essentially I interpreted it as if Neo had the choice to be the “all knowing being” for the virtual reality which he became. So, the question that came to me was that is Neo a “god” in the virtual reality? If so, can someone obtain that status in the “real” world. The law of physics doesn’t allow people to bend the laws of our nature/universe, therefore I don’t believe that someone can achieve that status within our universe. But, since the virtual reality, the Matrix, doesn’t follow the physics of our world, things can play out differently. So, would you rather live in the virtual reality? Would the virtual reality be any less real than the “real” world? I love how the movie represents all of these questions for me.


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