Wk5 – Art Gallery – Dennis w. Dutzy gallery: Jane Weibel

We got another chance to go to the art gallery this week. I really enjoyed this week’s display of artist because I got to see Jane’s work in Dennis w. Dutzy gallery. I highly enjoyed her work because right when I walked into the gallery her color schemes made me feel comfortable and relatable. She had a feminine scheme of colors, light colors. My favorite one was the shredded paper. It was a pile of shredded paper piled alongside one of the walls. I found it so pretty to look at. Although it was just a pile of shredded paper, I knew it represented more. The colors spoke to me, it told me a story. Since I was most intrigued by that piece of art I asked the artist herself what it meant to her. She told me it symbolizes her way of speaking out for feminism. I asked her if there was a particular reason on why she chose the colors she did. She answered by saying she chose these colors because it felt most natural to her. She said she likes to portray her art as something that’s easy for her to portray. She noted that the color scheme she chose was part of her personality, light but bright. I found her work to be the most genuine. I felt connected to her art.


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