Wk6 Artist Conversation – Blaine Scot Prow

I am beyond happy to have stumbled upon Blaine Scot Prow’s art work. Immediately, as I entered the Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery, I knew I would gravitate towards his work on a personal level. From his summary, he’s told his audience that he’s had a natural attraction towards geometry. He stated that he found it fascinating on how a person could manipulate the shapes of a geometrical object and make it art. I share the same thought as Blaine. It was refreshing to see someone’s art reflect my own personal taste. When I went to go talk to him, he actually even shared a small project he was working on. He stated he loves to manipulate 2D objects and make them appear to be 3D. Which was his entire show. I thought it was incredibly neat how he took a piece of paper and made it seem like it was popping out of the paper. I really enjoyed his work. I can’t wait to see his future projects.IMG_8296.JPGIMG_8305.JPGIMG_8306.JPGIMG_8303.JPG


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