Wk6 – Art project – Zine

When this project was assigned to us I knew I wanted to make the zine. I didn’t know what content it would have. Should I make it showy? Something simple? I went with something more abstract and simple. I really liked the idea of black and white so I made it clean and simple. My idea was to make a small book of my family. Would incorporate pictures of them? drawings of them? No, I decided to just simply put the year of birth on the pages. I liked the idea because I like how a year symbolises more than just a number, but a person. I also wanted to make it a bit personal and only for me to understand. If people were to glance over my zine they wouldn’t understand what it means unless they made up their own interpretation of it, which was also my intent. I liked how simple and sweet this project was. It was a bit more sentimental to me than I had imagined it to be. 


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