Week 7 Artist talk – Annalyse Meyer

As i walked into the room full of different paintings and pictures from different artists I saw three paintings that stood out to me because of it’s soft pastel color blocks. I’ve always been fascinated by color manipulation. It’s interesting to me because there are so many different colors and depending on how you portray them, it can emote different things to the audience. Color brings life and brings a story to art and I’ve personally always been attracted to light colors. The paintings Annalyse Meyer produced were three different colors of tampons. She stated that when she got her first period, she didn’t feel like she became a women. She also said that she felt cathartic while painting these pictures of tampons. I feel grateful for these artist to expose themselves. I feel that they are brave enough to reveal a part of their insecurities and I get to stand there and appreciate them. It’s quite beautiful. 


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