Week 8 Japanese Garden

This week was the most fun I have had out of the 8 weeks of this course. We got to go to have our activity be at the Japanese Garden on campus. We had a few assignments such as drawing what we see within 30 seconds, 3-5 minutes, contour of our hand, and drawing something that looks like something else. I had a lot of fun with this assignment because my friends made it enjoyable and I really enjoyed drawing the scenery I was in. Here are a few pictures of what I drew. 

This picture is the thirty second sketch I drew. I t was of the pavement from where I was sitting. Doesn’t look like much but I had fun trying to draw the elements that would represent the scenery I saw

With this picture I had 3-5 minutes. And I stopped around 4 minutes. I sketched the pond and I thought I did a decent job. I know I’m no professional artist but I had fun and I am proud of my work.

This is the picture of my hand. I am horrible at drawing hands. I hope to one day perfect drawing realistic hands.

This picture is my favorite. I was drawing my friend who was to the right of me and I thought it looked nice. She thought it looked nice and even took a picture of it to save. I felt good having been complimented for my art.

This picture is the picture I drew of something that looked like something else. In this picture, the light on the ground looked like a mushroom I thought. So I drew the lamp pretending to be a mushroom amongst the scenery.


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