Week – 9 Art package

When this assignment was brought up I was questioning what type of items I would be putting together for someone. I gave project a lot of thought because I wasn’t sure what direction to go. Should I buy art material and give it to a person of my choice? Should I draw them something? Make something? I wasn’t sure. Then, I finally decided on putting something together for my boyfriend. I thought, why not buy him something to represent my feelings for him. I bought him an arrangement of flowers and a card. I thought this was a type of art package because the flowers itself had a variety of colors and the arrangement of it was beautiful. Plus, the act of giving flowers is symbolic of love. I also added a card and I also wrote in it expressing my feelings for him. The card was very artistic and It drew me into it. I loved the color scheme they chose and the bird was beautifully drawn. Overall, I’d say this is an art package because the visual aspect of it plays a great deal on emoting the feelings of being loved and appreciated. I thought it was nice to be able to try something outside the box.


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