Week 9 – Artist conversation -Camina Correa

Artist: Carmina Correa

Gatov Gallery East

I got to talk to Carmina about the exhibit that was displayed. I walked in and I saw a variety of displays and I found the art that was displayed was a collaboration between three people. I thought that was neat. There was a piece made out of sugar. She told me that the sugar represented the battle between diabetes. She said that because sugar was a tangible material to manipulate, it translated into overcoming diabetes for those who struggle with it. She said she felt a sense of control that she worked with sugar, something that gave her trouble. I thought that was a personal thing to share.

Formal Analysis

The confessional booth was small, but realistic. It was dark and I thought it was very impressive on how the light showed through the space to embody such a strong essence of a conventional booth. The big dirt mount was also impressive. I thought it was cool how you got to see the texture of the mud while also seeing the texture of the mount covered by the mud. I’m not sure why I was so intrigued, I keep thinking maybe because something like dirt can even make art.

Content Analysis

I was really impressed on how she said she felt that she could overcome diabetes because of how she was using sugar as a tangible material to create art. Who knew diabetes could inspire people to make art. It brings to my awareness that anything can really inspire art.

My Experience:

Right when I walked into the studio, I saw a dirt mount. Immediately I thought of how it reminded me of the Nike symbol I was really intrigued by it for some reason. I looked around and I saw something that reminded me of the dog from the Target commercials because it was red and white. I thought it was extremely cool how they made a confessional booth. At first I didn’t know it was a confession booth until I had talked to Carmina, one of the artist.




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