Week 10 – Artist Conversation – Daniela Ioneseu

Romanian Collection

Wow, this gallery was not about paintings, drawings, or sculptures, it was about a collection of Romanian clothes. The collection Daniela had ranged from the 1900s to 1950s. It was amazing. As I walked around and looked at the details of these garments I overheard her speaking to my classmates, so I joined in.

She was speaking about how most of the colors that women would wear at the time were black and red. She specifically said red symbolized youth and black symbolized protection. She also said that black meant a good omen was coming and that it would bring healthy fertility and wealth. She also shared that when someone wore something outside of red and black, it meant that they were being rebelious and wanted to stand out. Some garments were blue, purple, and green. I especially liked the green garment because it looked so elegant and green is my favorite color.

After I heard her speak about her collection, I walked around and inspected the garments closer. It’s incredible. The detail and the stitches of these garments seemed impeccable. It looked like great craftsmanship. I envy people who can make clothing so meticulously well. Clothes is a form of art and it is definitely one of my favorite forms because I love to express myself and identity through the clothing I wear.

Overall, I really enjoyed her show because she seemed so genuine about the knowledge she was sharing. She showed a genuine interest in her collection and you could tell she shows them with pride and great knowledge. Brava to Daniela.


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