Week 10 – Fiber Art Social Network

I forgot to take a picture of the Fiber Art Social Network activity but I did partake in it. Here is the picture I chose to display for the project.

  1. I do think the term “Social Network”applies to my real life and real physical friends as oppose to online  people I know. I feel as though the people I meet give me more value in connections to new opportunities such as work.
  2. Dunbar’s number does somewhat make sense. For me, I can only have so many close and intimate relationships. My Facebook only has about 100 friends and I think that’s a bit too much.
  3. It doesn’t mean much at all to me if someone has 1000 friends. I prefer to only keep in touch with people and let people in my life if they having meaning to me. I don’t care for generic friendships.
  4. Nothing surprised me really, I’m just glad I got ot make friends.
  5. I’d prefer to have about 5 personal friends in my life. and 5 is the amount I currently have. My family doesn’t count, I’m only considering the friends I consider “family”and my partner.
  6. The friends on my Facebook are my real friends in my real life. I only like to expose my life and myself to people I already know and am currently friends with. I don’t see any purpose on keeping Facebook relationships with someone I don’t know. 

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