Week 11 – Artist Conversation – Josh Vasquez

Every time I go to the art gallery I always get surprised on how there is always an artist who excites me with their work. And this week it was Josh Vasquez.

When I entered the gallery I was not greeted by the artist in the room. Instead, I was ignored. Completely ignored. He was just sketching and doing some art work. I knew he was ignoring us as if we weren’t in existence. That was the whole point of his art work. It was funny because my friend Marrissa didn’t know going into the gallery that he would be cutting off from our reality, so she said “hi, are you the artist?”and he completely acted as if she wasn’t there nor did he hear her. It was awesome.

Josh Vasquez first invites people to question what “meaning of life”is and “why are we here”and “what is our purpose?” Josh mentioned that we, the people, are similar to Sisyphus from Greek Mythology. Sisyphus was tasked to push a boulder up a mountain over and over again to only see it roll back down for the rest of his life. Josh says he wants to use his body to represent how he can break away from our search in the meaning of life.

When analyzing his work, I knew it was more about what it symbolized as to what it actually looked like. I loved how when I entered the room the atmosphere of the room felt different. My senses and body felt and knew it was off by the way the artist was acting. He didn’t acknowledge us. He didn’t even look up to say hi or shake hands. He was in his own world. He was not fixated with what was around him, he was focused on his own work. I thought it was beautiful to experience that… It evokes an uncomfortable feeling that I want to understand.

Overall, I’d say I had a great experience with Josh Vasquez. He makes me want to go to more of these types of art shows. Where the person and the atmosphere is the art. Not the painting or drawing itself. Plus, the feeling that is evoked is part of the show. I love how the crowd is part of the show when they aren’t aware of it. Bravo to him.


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