Week 14 Classmate conversation – Adriana

For this classmate conversation I got to talk to Adriana with one “n”. She was specific about how to spell her name. She is a biology major taking this class for the same reason: to meet the 12 unit full time student requirement and also for fun.

So, the question of the week was what do we think school would be like in 2030?

Interestingly, both Adriana and I had the same view. We both expressed how we didn’t want it to be overrun by technology. For example, we didn’t want schools to require students to use IPads like how some schools do now. We both oppose the idea of having only online classes to take in the future. We both also expressed that we essentially don’t want technology to overrun schools because it’s very important for people to go into classrooms and interact with one another. It was fun talking to her. We are both finished with our undergrad after this semester. I applauded her for taking on microbiology as a major. It just sounds awful to me. I know I would never get through that. She’s actually going to be my leader for this final held at the SOA building. Hopefully we’ll become better friends aftewards. IMG_8862.JPG


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