Week 14 Instagram Activity

For the Instagram activity post we’re instructed to take at least 4 pictures throughout the day and hashtag it with #art110f16. After 24 hours of posting, we were to look over the pictures that were taken and analyze the images that were hashtagged #art110f16 by our cohort. Here are two pictures I took from Instagram.

The thing I love about Instagram is how it gives small insight to a person’s life. I love how we can stay connected to people we know and people we don’t know through the pictures they post. The pictures could show insight to their culture, their lifestyle, the food they eat, the clothes they wear, the environment they live in. So, from what I see from the collective pictures from out class is just that: variety of different lifestyles. It’s interesting how people use filters differently and some don’t use filters at all. Some like to put black and white pictures and some prefer color. The pictures as an individual represents that person but also the collective images they posted also represent their lifestyle. Its also interesting to me that whenever I see a picture that intrigues me it could influence me to actually go visit that site where the picture was taken or even try the food the person took a picture of. It’s awesome how they can expand our knowledge of the world through pictures. It makes the world seem less big in a way that we are connected but also makes the world seem so vast because of all the places I have yet to see and experience.


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