Week 15 Artist Conversation – Brittany Waters

I’m the type of guy who loves to decorate their space with original pieces ranging from pottery, pantings, woven pieces, and even furnitures. There was a section of pottery for display and actually for auction this week at the gallery this week.

When I walked in I saw a big variety of pottery displays. I saw pots, I saw dishes, I saw tea cups. I loved the pieces I saw. I wanted to buy them all and display them in my home. Sadly, they were a bit pricy and I don’t have that type of money, yet. I tend to lean more towards things that are simple yet are statement pieces. I was overjoyed to see all the different types of pottery work in that room.

As I stumbled around the room I finally got the change to talk to Brittany Waters. She was one of the many artist portraying her artwork. Her artwork in particular had many sea turtles in them. It was interesting and very detailed. I admire the hard work that must have been put into every one of her pieces. My favorite one in particular was the dish that seemed to portray oil spillage and the sea turtle being affected by it. I would have loved to take that home with me!

When I was speaking to Brittany I got to learn that she was a senior at CSULB. My friends and I asked her what got her into the art field. She said something that attributed to that was her dad drawing bunnies all the time when she was younger. How interesting how something like that would pave the path to an art major. We also asked her how long the process of finishing a project is. She said it ranges depending on what she’s making. She stated that for the jewelries she said those can take up to 15-30 minutes, which I found that quite quick. She also said she has molds for these jewelries which would explain why it would take that quickly. She said the dishes took longer and would take about 1-2 hours. But what would take the longest, she said, were the designs for these clay pieces. That made sense to me because of the thought behind making a design may come quickly or may take longer. She said she originally did a lot of frogs in her pieces but transitioned to sea turtles. She said she wasn’t sure why she did but she did share that she grew up in Sacramento where their wasn’t any ocean life nearby. So, when she moved to CSULB she started to see how her environment shaped her into making things with octopi, sea turtles, and animal life. She jokingly said she’d like to see what she’ll make if she ever moves to the desert.

Overall, I really enjoyed this exhibit because I love to see what I could potentially use to decorate my house with. There were so many variety of different displays that It made me feel like I was walking from house to house. It was awesome.

Here are some of the pictures I took of the Gallery.




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