Art 110 Class Review

At the beginning of the semester I was looking forward to seeing what I would learn from this class. I took it because I wanted a fun and easy class. When the class started, I found out that I was being pushed out of my comfort zone with having assignments that required me to talk to my classmates and artists. Professor Zucman also had has write a lot for this course and I found that to be helpful because it made me familiar with writing about art. I found this class fun and useful because Professor Zucman doesn’t have a typical point of view. I’m always amazed with how his brain works in terms of abstract thought and art. It’s so intriguing because he pushes the boundaries and he genuinely likes to talk to the students and provoke great questions. So, would I recommend this class to my friends and other students? Yes, I would. Art 110 isn’t just a “fun” class to take, It’s a class that pushes your boundaries with your social skills and mind. I really enjoyed the activities and the art shows. It was a great eye opener to the artistry world and it was very neat to see such diverse realms of art.


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