Week 10 – Artist Conversation – Daniela Ioneseu

Romanian Collection

Wow, this gallery was not about paintings, drawings, or sculptures, it was about a collection of Romanian clothes. The collection Daniela had ranged from the 1900s to 1950s. It was amazing. As I walked around and looked at the details of these garments I overheard her speaking to my classmates, so I joined in.

She was speaking about how most of the colors that women would wear at the time were black and red. She specifically said red symbolized youth and black symbolized protection. She also said that black meant a good omen was coming and that it would bring healthy fertility and wealth. She also shared that when someone wore something outside of red and black, it meant that they were being rebelious and wanted to stand out. Some garments were blue, purple, and green. I especially liked the green garment because it looked so elegant and green is my favorite color.

After I heard her speak about her collection, I walked around and inspected the garments closer. It’s incredible. The detail and the stitches of these garments seemed impeccable. It looked like great craftsmanship. I envy people who can make clothing so meticulously well. Clothes is a form of art and it is definitely one of my favorite forms because I love to express myself and identity through the clothing I wear.

Overall, I really enjoyed her show because she seemed so genuine about the knowledge she was sharing. She showed a genuine interest in her collection and you could tell she shows them with pride and great knowledge. Brava to Daniela.


Week 9 – Artist conversation -Camina Correa

Artist: Carmina Correa

Gatov Gallery East

I got to talk to Carmina about the exhibit that was displayed. I walked in and I saw a variety of displays and I found the art that was displayed was a collaboration between three people. I thought that was neat. There was a piece made out of sugar. She told me that the sugar represented the battle between diabetes. She said that because sugar was a tangible material to manipulate, it translated into overcoming diabetes for those who struggle with it. She said she felt a sense of control that she worked with sugar, something that gave her trouble. I thought that was a personal thing to share.

Formal Analysis

The confessional booth was small, but realistic. It was dark and I thought it was very impressive on how the light showed through the space to embody such a strong essence of a conventional booth. The big dirt mount was also impressive. I thought it was cool how you got to see the texture of the mud while also seeing the texture of the mount covered by the mud. I’m not sure why I was so intrigued, I keep thinking maybe because something like dirt can even make art.

Content Analysis

I was really impressed on how she said she felt that she could overcome diabetes because of how she was using sugar as a tangible material to create art. Who knew diabetes could inspire people to make art. It brings to my awareness that anything can really inspire art.

My Experience:

Right when I walked into the studio, I saw a dirt mount. Immediately I thought of how it reminded me of the Nike symbol I was really intrigued by it for some reason. I looked around and I saw something that reminded me of the dog from the Target commercials because it was red and white. I thought it was extremely cool how they made a confessional booth. At first I didn’t know it was a confession booth until I had talked to Carmina, one of the artist.



Week – 9 Art package

When this assignment was brought up I was questioning what type of items I would be putting together for someone. I gave project a lot of thought because I wasn’t sure what direction to go. Should I buy art material and give it to a person of my choice? Should I draw them something? Make something? I wasn’t sure. Then, I finally decided on putting something together for my boyfriend. I thought, why not buy him something to represent my feelings for him. I bought him an arrangement of flowers and a card. I thought this was a type of art package because the flowers itself had a variety of colors and the arrangement of it was beautiful. Plus, the act of giving flowers is symbolic of love. I also added a card and I also wrote in it expressing my feelings for him. The card was very artistic and It drew me into it. I loved the color scheme they chose and the bird was beautifully drawn. Overall, I’d say this is an art package because the visual aspect of it plays a great deal on emoting the feelings of being loved and appreciated. I thought it was nice to be able to try something outside the box.

Week 8 classmate conversation

This week I got to talk to Felix. I saw him standing around and I thought to myself “heck, why not say hi?” So I walked up and we introduced ourselves. For this week’s assignment for classmate conversation, we had to ask three questions. Here are his answers:

  1. What is a piece of art, of any medium, that you would like to share with everyone? Why do you like it and why do you think others should experience it?

“I was thinking of generalizing videos games as a whole, as I think that’s what everyone should at least try it experience at least once in their lifetime. Video games are like art in the way like how a painting could tell a story, and it gives the person playing a whole new world to explore and stories to be immersed in.”

2. Would you be supportive of your child wanting to pursue an art career? why or why not?

“Yes, because I used to be a computer science major before I changed over to special effects and I know why art is such a interesting and fulfilling major. If they decided to be some kind of art major, then I would support them all the way.”

3. Open your phones to the 1st page. What apps do you have ?

“I open my HTC phone and the first apps that pop up are Clash of Clans, KIK, Google Hangouts, Google, and YouTube”


Week 8 Japanese Garden

This week was the most fun I have had out of the 8 weeks of this course. We got to go to have our activity be at the Japanese Garden on campus. We had a few assignments such as drawing what we see within 30 seconds, 3-5 minutes, contour of our hand, and drawing something that looks like something else. I had a lot of fun with this assignment because my friends made it enjoyable and I really enjoyed drawing the scenery I was in. Here are a few pictures of what I drew. 

This picture is the thirty second sketch I drew. I t was of the pavement from where I was sitting. Doesn’t look like much but I had fun trying to draw the elements that would represent the scenery I saw

With this picture I had 3-5 minutes. And I stopped around 4 minutes. I sketched the pond and I thought I did a decent job. I know I’m no professional artist but I had fun and I am proud of my work.

This is the picture of my hand. I am horrible at drawing hands. I hope to one day perfect drawing realistic hands.

This picture is my favorite. I was drawing my friend who was to the right of me and I thought it looked nice. She thought it looked nice and even took a picture of it to save. I felt good having been complimented for my art.

This picture is the picture I drew of something that looked like something else. In this picture, the light on the ground looked like a mushroom I thought. So I drew the lamp pretending to be a mushroom amongst the scenery.

Week 7 Artist talk – Annalyse Meyer

As i walked into the room full of different paintings and pictures from different artists I saw three paintings that stood out to me because of it’s soft pastel color blocks. I’ve always been fascinated by color manipulation. It’s interesting to me because there are so many different colors and depending on how you portray them, it can emote different things to the audience. Color brings life and brings a story to art and I’ve personally always been attracted to light colors. The paintings Annalyse Meyer produced were three different colors of tampons. She stated that when she got her first period, she didn’t feel like she became a women. She also said that she felt cathartic while painting these pictures of tampons. I feel grateful for these artist to expose themselves. I feel that they are brave enough to reveal a part of their insecurities and I get to stand there and appreciate them. It’s quite beautiful. 

Wk6 – Art project – Zine

When this project was assigned to us I knew I wanted to make the zine. I didn’t know what content it would have. Should I make it showy? Something simple? I went with something more abstract and simple. I really liked the idea of black and white so I made it clean and simple. My idea was to make a small book of my family. Would incorporate pictures of them? drawings of them? No, I decided to just simply put the year of birth on the pages. I liked the idea because I like how a year symbolises more than just a number, but a person. I also wanted to make it a bit personal and only for me to understand. If people were to glance over my zine they wouldn’t understand what it means unless they made up their own interpretation of it, which was also my intent. I liked how simple and sweet this project was. It was a bit more sentimental to me than I had imagined it to be.